Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I would like to start off by saying thank you to The Network Studios, NYC for inviting me to be a speaker on Sunday, January 25th. In this workshop, I found the usual suspects… passionate, eager, ambitious individuals who are seeking work as an actor… individuals which, like so many, seek without, but need to seek within!

What you all may not realize is that you have
inspired me. Through this experience, I have become aware of the need to truly know one’s self. I am learning more about myself every moment of every day. Just when you think you know it all, life jumps in and shows you, you know nothing... These Actors open my eyes to something new and fresh.

The Interview...

Has I start with my routine of asking you all about yourselves. It never ceases to amaze me that such a simple question, leads to such a complicated response.

I know only the best are brought in to conduct such seminars and workshops… and then there’s me. I come from the only place I know which is simply, me. I come from a place of honesty and truth. Not to say that others don’t, but when I look and when I listen (which is a skill often misused), I am given the opportunity to see amazing things in individuals you, yourselves, often cannot see and often do not know. On Sunday, tears were shed and shared… some brought passion, others brought genuine curiosity, but you all brought something special and I was left inspired.

All that we have is all that we need… all that we need is all that we carry. What will get you to your goal is that which you possess. The hurt, the joys, the pain, the laughs… all of our experiences are with us to move us. Where you go with it is on you
. Own your tears like you own your clothes. Love your hurt like you love chocolate. Live your life has if there's no tomorrow.

If you can’t
BE yourself, how can you BE anybody else?

So with that said…
Preparation is Key!”
ACT NOW Acting Workshops are designed for YOU… the actor within!

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Joshua said...

Wow, if ONLY more teachers, casting directors and agents felt as you did...if only they cared about actors and their struggles as much as you do...actors would be a much better informed bunch. You speak the truth, you open people's eyes and that is a wonderful and that is so necessary in a harsh, cold yet often wonderful business like this!

Christine Ahanotu said...

Never stop being as honest as you are to actors because I honestly believe that is the only way we can learn. That you care for, and understand actors struggles is evident. Thank you for pushing me and everyone else in attendance to re-evaluate our approach to this industry and our craft. Thank you for asking the question: How bad do you want this?

Jordan Johnson-Hinds said...

I just want to say reading these comments really have motivated me in a real positive way. I got some realy good tips on the reality of this business. Really looking forward to the classes in april and moving to New York. Thanks for opportunity it will not be overlooked. THANK YOU.

Squeaky Moore said...

So, I have never been so terrified, excited, eager and open, in my life...or at least in a long time....and all in a 3 hour time frame. Wendy, your workshop was so AWESOME! Let me tell you why. You managed to inform me, teach me, keep it real with me, and bless me with some of the best knowledge on the audition process! Not only I, but I could tell the people along the sides and back of me, were pleased as well. And your blog couldn't be more accurate. I too, learned a lot about what I didn't know about myself. I consider myself to be well informed, well spoken, and I generally have an opinion about everything concerning acting and it's business. But with some of the questions you'd asked in your interviews with us, I had to dig deep, and I realized, this was an area that I needed to develop! (Just when you think you know it many things, you taught me in an interview situation, to know what I like and WHY? I learned a lot too, Wendy, by watching your work with others. As you gave your brutally honest feedback to all who were reading, it was the small and simple things that you said that made light bulbs go off in my head,I got it! They were great triggers. If ever asked,"Tell me something about Wendy McKenzie's Workshop," what would I say...? I'd say, the workshop was not enough! I need to take her class.

Candice Lenoir said...

Well, I must say Wendy your class was refreshing, exciting and made me a little nervous all at once. I was hooked from the start. I consider myself very forward, shoot from the hips, speak from the heart, honest type of person, but I must say, Wendy you are all of that and more. I normally would say, that I know myself and know where I see myself in the future, however listening to you interview people showed me areas in which I needed to improve in. As I watched each person go up and be interviewed, light bulbs were going off in my head, making little notes making sure that if I am asked these questions in the future, I will make sure that I know the answer. It’s not that I haven’t heard the questions before, but it was confirmation showing me how important it is that I know the answer to those questions. Your humorous but truthful approach towards everyone showed how much you care about actors and people in general. A lot of actors don’t recognize that there is a business side to this business and as actors we are Products and branding our name is important. From the simple question you asked “What is your email address?” “What is your name?”….”first and last…”My name is “Candice Lenoir” and I realized that a lot of time I say my name is “Candice” no last name. The selecting of photos of which one we like, all were lessons telling us “This is the business, deal with it”. This is what viewers choose. If asked what I liked most about the class, my answer is her heart and rawness. Not only do you get a chance to be in front of a great casting director, but she shares her experiences and teaches you from the heart at the same time.

Thank you,
Candice Lenoir

JoJo Shaffer said...


Wow! What can I say. You are truly truly amazing. I have taken many many workshops led by agents, other casting directors, etc. And NONE compares to this truly amazing experience. You come from a place of truthfulness and passion. I’ve gained more in your 1 workshop than all workshops I’ve taken put together! So many of us think we are ready when the reality is we don’t even know who we. And you, saw right through that. You have opened my eyes and motivated me in such a positive way. And I can’t wait to work with you again! And this time, I won’t be terrified (well let me rephrase that …”as terrified”), because I am ready for the truth from someone who cares…I am ready to discover what’s within…and “be me”….Thank you so much Wendy for opening me up to an entirely different world. God Bless you!

JoJo Shaffer

TAWFIQ said...

Well once again I must thank Wendy again for her wisdom and knowledge!!! I have been blessed to work with Wendy on the NOTORIOUS PROJECT. I was not foolish to believe I got all the info I needed. When I found out she was having a class I jumped right on it. When she asked me didnt I get enough from her from working on the previous project I replied quickly by sayin NO!!!!. I learned so much from the interview class she gave, you think you know so much about your self but Wendy will make you really see your self for who you really are. She puts it in BLACK & WHITE and if you are not ready you have no one to blame but your self. So many people you take classes with take your money and sugar coat their answers to make you feel good when you leave. Wendy will give you the truth, now if it hurts your feelings then you know you got your moneys worth! I will take her class everytime because I will learn something everytime!, and I would rather learn in her class then learn by making a mistake in front of the camera at an audition, believe me that one is much more costly. Wendy has been in the business awhile and her knowledge and truthfulness is unlimited! TAKE HER CLASS!!!

Raisean Lawson said...

This was more than a was a life changing event!

Iman Richardson said...

Ms. Wendy,

You have no idea how wonderful you are. The workshop yesterday changed my life. What most people don’t get is that you tell it like it is and although it’s difficult to hear, it’s constructive and part of the learning process essential to the actor. I could go on and on but I just want to say thank you again for everything and for your positive feedback. You are seriously my role model as well as a source of inspiration. In an industry dominated by whites and their success (i.e: no blacks won Oscars this year and are hardly nominated), what you have accomplished will keep me going. You are a strong black woman on top of her game and to make you even more powerful, your fabulous and fierce in appearance and demeanor.

I will never forget you,


Robertaverett said...

Hi Ms. Wendy-

How are you? I pray all is well with you. I'm following-up with you after the workshop I took that you hosted on September 20. I really enjoyed how you conducted the workshop and how you made the enviornment open and safe for me as an actor to really feel free to live!! I must admit, at first I was taken aback on how forward, direct, and frank you were. I then realized that is how the business is and you did it for our own good and for us to realize it is not for the weak, timid, or shy, but for those who strong, courageous and bold!!! Those who will not take no for an answer, and will persist through the struggle and fire to become what we are destined to be!! I had so much fun and learned so much at the same time!! You are an inspiration and wonderful & blessed acting coach/mentor!

I would also like to be informed of your next "Don't Act" acting workshop. I would be honored to be a part of the next workshop.

Robert Averett