Monday, March 30, 2009


Xpozure Modeling/ Acting

Good day, Wendy.

I wish to say that it was indeed a privilege to work with you during this past weekend's "Acting Workshops" Seminar ("Getting Started" -- March 28th & 29th).

I was very impressed with your professionalism, class structure, very close attention to detail, thought-provoking Q&A sessions, and forthright personality and discretion towards the realities of the entertainment business. To me, these are qualities which displayed the many truths of what casting directors and agents really look for during the audition process. It really made for an exciting two days of witnessing just how thorough you truly are, having been a part of the business yourself for 20-plus years.

All of these attributes, and more, were presented to our students in such an exemplary fashion, I'm quite certain that they're just as appreciative as I am. Furthermore, this type of actor's training should allow for each student to take with them many positive teachings and critiques that will surely enhance their professional growth both as an actor, and their own daily life experiences.

Meanwhile, I look forward to a continuous working relationship with "In the Wink of An Eye" Casting for many years to come. It is definitely a platform worthy of providing future aspiring actors, models, and dancers with the type of quality training necessary for their own career success.

To all of the students who participated -- Amanda DeBraux, Monica Verner, Daryl Denner, Dre Davis, Angelique Chapman, Mo Brown, Joanne Tate, Kemylee Brisport, and Shae Anthony ... I wish all of you the very best of success in your future endeavors.

As always, take care & enjoy!

Wm. Michael Reid
Xpozure Modeling
NOTE: NEXT EVENT APRIL 25th & 26 from 5-7 pm
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Anonymous said...

To those of you who has not taken Wndy's class or work shop, "WAKE THE HELL UP"!!!! She's REAL!!! She knows what she's teaching and, she know's what she's talking about!!! If you want to make it in this biz... Wendy can help you get there!!! Do It!!!!

Dre Davis

mo said...

Hello Wendy,
This is Amanda DeBraux from the March 28th and 29th Workshop. I just wanted to say Thank you again.
As far as proceeding forward with you in my pursuit to become an actress, I would definitely love too. And do agree you with that its better to attend a group workshop, so I can learn from others. It was great meeting you hope to see you soon.
Amanda DeBraux
P.S. I agree with Dre Davis, she's a great coach and has a personality to tell you like it is.

Shae Anthony said...

Good Afternoon,

For anyone wanting to be a actor or actress. This workshop is the real deal. TRUST !! During the class there was never a dull moment. Wendy will give you helpful tips. As well as in your face industry conversation. This workshop will make you wiser and stronger. She wants you to be successful. I will never forget this seminar/workshop.

Shae Anthony

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you so much for being real in class. It was a great eye opener for me because I know now that I have to better prepare myself for this industry. I thought that I had it together but I don't. Thank you for being honest, real and breaking me down I really needed it. I understand that I have to work on my grammer (not saying the words "basically, like, yeah, ah, or huh"). I am also working on getting new headshots. I want to be a part of your next workshop. Again thank you because I know to make it I have to step up because you taught me that there is only chance to get it right.

Latifah Johnson

Merjani said...

Hey Wendy,

Thanks for everything! Your class was more than just informative, it was fun as well. I love the way you took your time with each student and brought out emotions deep within, that lead to tears for some and confessions for others. You were more than just a casting director/teacher, you became for some, a friend, sister, mother, and for me in specific, a role model. Your advice and direction has helped me alot, during my acting journey, and I thank you so much for the many, many words of wisdom you've shared with me.

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to attending all your seminars and classes!

Merjani Garcia (Bklyn)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ms. McKenzie!!

I wish I had met you 3yrs ago! After having a horrible audition for Notorious (which I'm so glad you didn't remember), I vowed to get in an acting class because I never want to have another audition like that again. After spending loads of money and two years of my life at a reputable Conservatory (cough..Esper..cough), within only two days, TWO DAYS, in your workshop; I learned more, was inspired more, gained more true insight to the industry, and actually feel like I'm on my way to becoming a great actress and a success. I so wish I had met you two years ago, but its funny how things go full circle.

You are God-sent and true bless for me!

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure working with you this past weekend. I learned a lot, was highly motivated and felt like you broke through to me. Your class exceeded my expectations and fulfilled everything I was looking for, answering all my questions and more. I will recommend your class to everyone I know. Aside from the endless praises I could give you, which wouldn't express the depth of my gratitude, I will pursue your private lessons. Your teaching is a worthy investment.

Thank you again for your teaching